Dostoevsky Timeline

by Thomas Cummins

in books, philosophy

(1821) – Born in Moscow on October 30 (November 11 according to the Gregorian Calendar). Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky is the 2nd of 7 children to Mikhail Andreyevich, head physician at Mariinsky Hospital for the Poor, and Mariya Fyodorovna, daughter of a merchant family.

(1831) – begins boarding school in Moscow with his older brother Mikhail.

(1834) – Chermak Private High School in Moscow.

(1837) – Mother dies at age 37 and Fyodor & Mikhail are sent to a preparatory school in St. Petersburg

(1838) –  admitted to St. Petersburg Academy of Military Engineers as an army cadet. Described as a pensive, solitary student, prone to fits of depression. Reads all of Shakespeare and Pascal, most of Balzac, Goethe’s Faust and shorter poems, most of Victor Hugo’s novels, all (in both German and Russian) the novels of Hoffman.

(1839) – Father murdered by his own serfs at his estate Chermashnya in the province of Tula.

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Russian Residency

by Thomas Cummins

in art, travel

I‘ve been accepted to the NCCA Art Residency in Kronstadt, Russia. Below is some info I’ve gathered together about Kronstadt and the National Center for Contemporary Art.

National Center for Contemporary Art new art museum in Moscow, Russia by


National Center for Contemporary Art (NCCA)

The National Center for Contemporary Art was created in Moscow in 1992, at a moment when contemporary art in Russia was barely receiving the minimum support. Today, the NCCA is the leading state institution specializing in contemporary art being a museum, research organization, and even oversees some of Russia’s officials entries to the Venice Biennale. The National Center for Contemporary Art functions primarily with support from the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. The NCCA is currently working towards building a new $100 million museum in Basmanny Market by 2015 which can be seen in the images below.

National Center for Contemporary Art new art museum in Moscow, Russia

National Center for Contemporary Art new art museum in Moscow, Russia overhead view

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My first video taken on an iPad is of this public art project I’m doing for the University Health System. The video is of the parking garage wayfinding. There are ten levels to the parking garage and each level is a certain color and theme so patients can remember where they parked their car. The theme of each level is a San Antonio Landmark where the bottom level is Sunken Gardens and the top floor is the Tower of Americas. In these particular videos, you will see the Missions Level which is orange as well as the Riverwalk which is blue.

There is a lot more to be done but if you want to see it yourself it is on the corner of Medical & Wurzbach. You get one free hour to drive around the garage. Here is a link to it on Google Maps where you can see both the new parking garage and if you zoom in all the way you can also see the plot of land before they built the new garage.

I’m going to Baie Sainte-Marie Artist Residency in Nova Scotia. It’s off of the Bay of Fundy which has the biggest tide in the world as seen in the video above and also see it live at this webcam. Some previous residents also made a website of their time there.