CAM Studio Tour 2012

by Thomas Cummins

in art, San Antonio, Texas

CAM Neo-Automatic Studio Tour at Ellis BeanI‘m doing the Contemporary Art Month Neo-Automatic Studio Tour once again this Sunday March 25th from 12-4 p.m. It’s kinda like a Parade of Homes but cooler. I did it last year and it’s my favorite way to participate in CAM because I don’t have to move or hang any of my artwork and I can just chill out and work in my studio all day.

Please stop by and visit.

One thing I don’t like about being in it, though, is that I’m not able to see any of the other artist’s studios while I’m confined to mine. I love visiting the artist in his/her natural environment and I used to always look forward to On/Off Fredicksburg before they started charging $15 for the map. CAM’s map is free but it has yet to draw the same crowd On/Off Fred does. The Neo-Automatic Studio Tour harks back to the original days of CAM and it is only recently, when CAM moved to March, that it has returned and I hope it eventually becomes an event that all of San Antonio’s artists participate in the future.

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