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University Hospital Public Art :: Under Construction

by Thomas Cummins

My first video taken on an iPad is of this public art project I’m doing for the University Health System. The video is of the parking garage wayfinding. There are ten levels to the parking garage and each level is a certain color and theme so patients can remember where they parked their car. The […]

Theo Jansen

by Thomas Cummins

My previous post of Ned Kahn’s kinetic art just reminded me of this South African BMW commercial I saw last year. Dutch artist Theo Jansen created these amazing Strandbeests and was also a lecturer for TED. Kind of unrelated but there is an interesting sidenote posted in the comments of this youtube video – “Why […]

Ned Kahn

by Thomas Cummins

While working on my current public art project for the University Health System, I was introduced to the artwork of California artist and MacArthur Fellow Ned Kahn. Apparently, it looks like he might be doing a piece similar to these Pittsburgh and Switzerland pieces for the hospital being built in downtown San Antonio. What makes […]