Below are previous posts on web design, the internet, & basic maintenance updates to this website

QR Code

by Thomas Cummins

Don’t really know if I need this but I got a QR code for this website. This article was pretty good on explaining what it is and how you get your own.

Zoomify and Seadragon

by Thomas Cummins

O.K. -this site is a lot closer to being redone. Right now I’m looking for another way to show large-format photography on the web without using the antiquated Zoomify. Zoomify was awesome when it first came out and it continues to be shipped with Photoshop but they haven’t really improved on it at all in […]

Please Excuse The Mess

by Thomas Cummins

After 6 years of having a simple QuickTime video as my site I’m finally getting around to building a more normal webpage for myself. For the mean time you can see the old site under “VIDEO” in the navigation menu. Thanks for your patience while I’m rebuilding this mess.