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Freud’s Karamazov

by Thomas Cummins

“As both Dostoevsky and Freud knew, all to well, it is a bewildering paradox that one can obtain both pleasure and pain, simultaneously, from the same cause. The oxymoron questions causality itself and endows the observer with a brief glimpse into the abysmal complexity of the human mind.” Fyodor Dostoevsky’s (1821 – 1881) Existentialist writings […]

Subject as Object

by Thomas Cummins

“Even though the individual might presume s/he is somehow special, s/he needs verification in the real world – either by another person or by an object that somehow reflects his/her specialness (like a trophy or a car for example.) So when one person meets another person for the first time, there is a fight for […]

The Gaze

by Thomas Cummins

“I see only from one point but, in my existence, I am looked at from all sides. We imagine that we are forever being watched in the way Santa Clause and God always seem to be looking over our shoulder. Indeed, as Sartre has told us before, God is merely the concept of the Other […]

Portraits of Reflection

by Thomas Cummins

  Descartes’ search for a universal language as well as a certainty grounded within the self has now found a home within the artistic nature of Existentialism. Kierkegaard’s dual authorships, as original models for Existentialism, have been rejuvenated today in contemporary expressions of dialogism as well as autopathography. In particular, the recent proliferation of autopathography, […]